Hardware Focused

Hardware / Device Shopping,  we consult with on your technology requirements and for a fee provide a report of the specific hardware / device that fits your needs and where it can be purchased for the best value. Typical fee is .5 hour In Shop rate.

Troubleshooting, your computer or device won’t work.   Your system runs slow or keeps crashing. We provide a free 15 minute estimate prior to commencing any work, and stick to that estimate. Variable fee based on scope.

Virus / Malware Removal,  we remove the offending virus or malware and ensure that the computer is protected against re-infection.  We spend 15 min with you review how to protect yourself from future issues and how to better secure your computer.  Typical fee is 1 hour In Shop, variable Off Site

System Tune Up, we do a basic tune of you computer removing components that reduce performance, optimizing system settings, and install if necessary programs to ensure that your device remains at top performance. We then spend 15 minutes with you to review how you can optimize your computer in future and how you prevent a reduction in performance in future. Typical fee is 1 hour In Shop, variable Off Site

Data Transfer/Data Recovery, have a device that is old, non functioning or damaged in some way.  We can assist you in recovering your data and transferring it to a media or storage location of your choice. Variable fee based on scope.

New System Set Up / Transfer,  Got that new device and all of you information is on your old device, we can help.   We can set up your new device transferring files, installing applications, and configuring settings to ensure a smooth transfer.  We then spend 15 minutes reviewing your new device to point out options, configuration choices and tips to optimize your experience. Typical fee is 1.5 hours In Shop, variable Off Site