Software/Application Focused

Troubleshooting, is a program or application is not behaving as it should?  You are having trouble installing a older piece of software on your new device, we can help. Variable fee based on scope.

Productivity Consulting, You can’t get your smart phone to synchronize with you tablet or your laptop.  You have heard that there is a new program that can benefit business, but you want a independent evaluation to determine if it is true. Variable fee based on scope.

CRM Design, Implementation, and Support,  Do you want a system that can help you communicate more effectively with your customers, better manage your sales opportunities, and help generate more leads?  A Customer Relationship Management system might be the right fit for you.   We consult with you taking into account your budget, business processes, and training requirements in mind. Variable fee based on scope.

Application Selection and Configuration, do you have a business process that you want to automate, we can help. Need assistance in selecting a mass email application, survey application, email system, or other application, we can provide you with options, and then help you configure the application and provide training if necessary. Variable fee based on scope.