What we do

We strive to provide the most cost effective solution. 

Some times the cost of repairing a device or piece of hardware does not make sense based on the age or value left in that device / hardware.  If we come across a situation such as this we will provide our recommendation and let you decide the next step.

We provide upfront prices when we can, and let you know when we can’t

Some services are a simple straight forward flat fee.  Other services might require a budget tied to milestones, and others still might require a not to exceed fee amount.  We work with you to meet you expectations.

We work in our areas of expertise

Like many other providers in this and other industries we have a specific area of expertise.  We work within that area of expertise as this is how we provide our clients the best value.  For the areas where we do not have expertise we provide referrals to partners that can assist you with your needs. 

What we don’t do

We do not sell hardware.

There are many outlets for you to purchase any number and type of devices at prices based on volume discounts that we just can’t compete with.  We do offer a Hardware / Device Shopping service that helps you get the best value.

We do not work with Apple products.

We specialize in hardware and software other than Apple.  Apple has some great products, we keep to our strengths and thus don’t work with Apple Products.

We do not take referral fees or money from software / service providers, unless we disclose it to you.

You are our customer, so we are going to do right by you.  With this in mind we do not take fees, spiffs, or other monies from software and or service providers, unless we disclose it to you.  Our independence allows us to provide you the best possible software and services.

We do not suggest used hardware, unless certified refurbished and warrantied.

Used hardware is not reliable or cost effective.  With the pace at which device capabilities and software requirements increase, most unrefurbished used hardware can not provide a reasonable return on investment based on the residual life the hardware has.