What is Collaboration Lab?

Collaboration Lab provides two mains type of services, computer and technology consulting and business consulting.   Detail on these services is provided through the navigation links on the side of this page.

Why two types of services?

To put it simply, offering two types of services makes sense because they are complimentary.  

Many of your customers come to us with technology problems, be they computer, device, or technology infrastructure solutions.  Some examples are, 

A) A client unable to do mass emailing as they do not have a consolidated email contact list or mass emailing program. 

B) A retail store that creates triple entry of a clients contact information as they use three separate systems on two separate computers. 

C) A professional services client with questions on the type of hardware and software that they need to be in compliance with current regulations in their field of practice.

These problems then lead to further investigation, that results in business consulting questions, for example,

A) Is mass emailing the most effective client interaction method? a review of a client profile is then in order.

B) Why does data need to be entered into three separate locations?  What is the business process and necessity that drives this requirement.

C) What does standard compliance with the current regulations look like.  Is there a current off the shelf solution that would fulfil the needs, or a change in business process that can address the regulatory requirements?

Our customers come to us with problems that in many cases require a hybrid answer from both a technology and business consulting perspective, that is why be provide both services.